Commercial Leadership Excellence


Many management consultancies are advocating the needed traits to be a successful leader. Although these traits are important, we believe that the first critical leadership skill the effectiveness of the leader’s interactions with subordinates and others in the organization. In general, leaders are good in delivering the required results because they are functional skills experts, but they tend to struggle to influence others beyond “telling them what to do”. Most employees feel that they are managed with a “top down” approach with the focus on results only and therefore experience a lack of personal growth and development, as well as job satisfaction.

This approach puts pressure on the increasing importance of retaining people and promoting from within. Highly effective leaders deliver results and at the same time develop their subordinates and improve their job satisfaction level by being flexible in their approach and moving away from “telling what to do” as the single leadership style. This program provides managers with insights of how they lead and the skills and processes to significantly improve their effectiveness.

Commercial Leadership Excellence Programs

Junge International offers a unique, powerful and proven, support for managers who would like to improve the impact of their leadership interactions. CLE is offered as an individual or as a team coaching program with a “self” assessment or with an additional more insightful “360” assessment.

Expert Coaching For Maximum Personal Development

Junge International is using well structured, fact based feedback and coaching sessions. We believe that the key for behavioral change is to raise self-awareness of the current reality, in order to establish clear, actionable behavioral changes.

Who should subscribe

Our Commercial Leadership Excellence program is suitable for managers at all levels in any type of organization as well as for high potential individuals and first time supervisors.

Our Comprehensive Program

Commercial Leadership Excellence program is provides practical, and easy to understand and can be implemented immediately in real life leadership situations. On Line Assessment ( 1 week prior the first Coaching Session)

Coaching Session #1

  • Introduction to the latest leadership theories and processes.
  • “Self” assessment data feedback which is an easy to read report providing powerful insights about your current leadership style behaviors and their impact on motivation and development of others.
  • Development of a prioritized action plan.
  • Review of the of the reference material with the tools and practices processes to support you with the implementation of your action plan.

  • Coaching Session #2

    If you have opted for our “360” program then 5 by you nominated persons will receive an email with a request to complete an assessment on your behalf. This will be 3 weeks prior to the 2nd Coaching Session.

  • Looks back on what happened, what was difficult to do, any clarifications needed etc.
  • Optional review of the “360” leadership style assessment results.
  • Updating your action plan